Multi-spindle lathes


IMG 20 AS lathes AC version

THE AC VERSION (with Siemens PLC) features highly dynamic motors to continuously adjust
the number of spindle revolutions, cycle times and threading speeds. The threading operation
is carried out by using a specific motor with the possibility of selecting the correct threading speed and using an assigned button on the control panel. For backside operations, a double slide can be applied in pos. 6 for cutting off operations and back side operations (with one or two tool positions). The same double slide can have mechanical or hydraulic movement.

THE NC VERSION (with NC-type motors, which allow continuous adjustment of the number of spindle revolutions, cycle times and threading speeds), can be fitted with NC cross slides in pos. 2, 4, 5. For pos. 6: NC-type cut-off slide, NC-type slide for backside operations with 3 tools positions, NC-type pick-up spindle with variable spindle speed, synchronisation and spindle stop options to prevent part damaging during ejection.

IMG 20 GS lathe NC version with IMG G 20 loader

With a view to efficiency and sustainability, IMG can pick up your lathes at the end of their life and overhaul them, adding the most advanced and updated technologies, making machines that are as good as new, re-designed and perfect for any specific needs, whether yours or anybody else.
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