Bar Loader


Control panel G20 loader

The Easy Load bar loader (designed and manufactured by those who know and use multispindle lathes every day) satisfies all performances and reliability requirements. Especially for loading small and medium-sized bars, in a completely new way: simply!
Applicable to AS14 and SAS 16 Tornos, GM 16 AC and AS, GS, GM 20 Gildemeister lathes.

    Its extremely small dimensions allow more rational use of the productive area.
    A latest generation PC interface manages the bar loader’s operations, its “ease to use” concept and flexibility allow customers to rapidly increase the productivity of their multispindle lathe.
    The IMG Easy Load bar loader, thanks to its simple and rigid construction it requires only minimal maintenance, limited to routine checks by the operator, with an easy-to-open guards for easy access and internal inspection.
  • FAST
    No limits to spindle’s rotation speed and cycle time of the lathe. The performance of this bar loader set new boundaries in regards of automatic bars loading.
    Bar loading time: 6 seconds
    Drum rotation time: 0.5 seconds
    After several production sessions on different lathes with different working conditions, a superior level of quality and functionality has been achieved.
    Easy to use, for a correct daily usage. The control panel is simple and user-friendly, with just a few main function buttons and an LCD touch-screen panel that holds all the required functions for automatic and manual operations. Alarm messages are also displayed to assist the operator in troubleshooting activities.
    The guide channels which hold the rotating bars, are made by polyurethane, which effectively absorb the vibrations generated by the rotational speed. Lubricant oil is also automatically inserted inside the channels to ensure excellent lubrication and cleanliness.
    The replacement of the guide channels from one diameter to another takes less than 30 minutes.
    Characterised by low power consumptions
    (installed power is 0.5 kW) and reduced guide channels changing times, the IMG Easy Load
    bar loader significantly reduces operating costs and increases the production potential of your multispindle lathe.

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