Today it is easier and more economical to manufacture automatic lathe parts in medium and large batches thanks to the IMG Multispindle automatic lathes. These parts are used in many different sectors: hydraulics, automotive, pneumatic, faucets, heating, etc. and can be manufactured with tight tolerances and also low costs thanks to the fast cycle times (from a few seconds to 10/15 seconds per part).


No-one more than us, with our decades-long experience of turning, knows just how important the production time is.

Every second saved leads to significant economic advantages, more accurate deliveries and greater customer satisfaction.


The IMG overhauled lathes have nothing less than the new ones, except the price.

Precision working and tighter tolerances are normal for us. The perfect set-up and more the accurate design make the IMG lather your most reliable business partner.


Turning complex parts at a surprising speed is not a dream anymore. IMG’s lathes, bar loaders and attchements have been designed to meet your specific needs. Each machine is custom made.


Reliable, precise, highly productive, user friendly control and machine management. Whether AC or CN, you can count on the high performance and maximum efficiency of your lathe over the long term. IMG offers full service, responding to any and every need you may have. Because IMG aims to be your partner and not just a supplier.